Emergency Locksmith Tools And Equipment: Basic Guide

Emergency Locksmith Tools And Equipment: A Guide - 24hourlocksmithmelbourne.com.au

The demand for skilled Emergency locksmiths is rising in a world where security is paramount. These professionals are adept at working with locks and keys and are often called upon during emergencies. With the right professional locksmith tools and equipment, they can quickly resolve lockout situations and ensure people’s and property’s safety. In this blog post, we will explore the basic emergency locksmith tools, and equipment professionals rely on to provide fast and effective services.

Lock Picks

Lock picking is critical for any locksmith, and having the right tools is essential. Lock picks come in various shapes and sizes to suit different locks. Some of the most common lock picks include:

  • Rake picks: These picks have a series of ridges that can quickly rake the pins within a lock, allowing them to be opened.
  • Hook picks: With their curved shape, hook picks are designed to lift individual pins within a lock, making them ideal for more precise picking.
  • Diamond picks: Featuring a diamond-shaped tip, these picks can be used to manipulate pins in various ways, offering versatility in lock picking.

Tension Wrenches

A tension wrench is a crucial tool for applying torque to a lock’s plug, allowing the locksmith to manipulate the pins and open the lock. Tension wrenches come in different sizes and shapes, including L-shaped, Z-shaped, and feather touch designs, each suitable for specific lock types.

Plug Spinners

Sometimes, during lock-picking, the plug might rotate in the wrong direction, causing the pins to reset. In these cases, a plug spinner becomes essential. This tool helps locksmiths quickly spin the plug in the correct direction without picking the lock again.

Key Extractors

Broken keys inside locks are a common issue that locksmiths deal with. Key extractors are specialized tools designed to remove broken key fragments from a lock without causing damage. They usually have a thin, hooked end that can easily slide into the lock to retrieve the broken key piece.

Bump Keys and Hammers

Bump keys are specially designed keys that, when combined with a bump hammer, can open a lock with a swift, forceful impact. The bump key is inserted into the lock. Then the bump hammer delivers a sharp tap, causing the pins to momentarily jump, allowing the lock to be turned and opened.

Electric Pick Guns

An electric pick gun is a powerful tool that can quickly open various locks. It works by rapidly vibrating the lock’s pins, allowing them to align with the shear line and open the lock. Electric pick guns are handy during emergencies when time is of the essence.

Decoder Picks

Decoder picks are specialized lock picks that allow locksmiths to open a lock and decode the lock’s combination. This feature is particularly useful when creating a replacement key or rekeying a lock without disassembling it.

Tubular Lock Picks

Tubular locks are commonly found in bike locks, vending machines, and safes. These locks require a specialized tubular lock pick with a cylindrical shape that aligns with the lock’s circular keyway. The adjustable pick pins allow the locksmith to manipulate and open the lock’s pins.

Auto Jigglers

Locksmiths specializing in automotive lockouts must have a set of auto jigglers in their toolbox. These tools are designed to mimic the shape of various car keys, allowing locksmiths to quickly open vehicle locks without causing any damage.

Air Wedges and Slim Jims

When dealing with car lockouts, locksmiths may also use air wedges. Air wedges are valuable tools emergency locksmiths and other professionals use to gain access to locked vehicles without causing damage. They are typically made of durable, non-marring materials like ballistic nylon or rubber. They are designed to be inserted between the car door and the door frame. Once in place, the air wedge is inflated using a hand pump or built-in air bladder, creating a small gap between the door and the frame.

The gap created by the air wedge provides enough space for the locksmith to insert other tools, such as a long-reach tool or a Slim Jim, to access the vehicle’s internal locking mechanism and unlock the door. Using an air wedge prevents scratches, dents, or other damages to the vehicle’s paint or body during the unlocking process.

In addition to locksmiths, air wedges are used by first responders, tow truck operators, and roadside assistance technicians for various vehicle entry applications. They are considered an essential tool for professionals who frequently deal with car lockouts or require non-destructive entry into locked vehicles.

It is important to note that using an air wedge and other lockout tools should only be done by trained professionals. Unauthorized or improper use of these tools can result in damage to the vehicle or legal consequences. If you are locked out of your vehicle, calling a professional locksmith for assistance is always recommended.

Slim Jims to gain access to the vehicle. Slim Jims are thin, flat metal strips designed to slide between the car door and window to access the lock without causing damage to the vehicle. Air wedges are inflatable tools that can be inserted between the car door and the frame to create a small gap. This gap allows the locksmith to use tools such as a long-reach tool or a Slim Jim to manipulate the car’s internal locking mechanism and unlock the door.

Long Reach Tools

Another essential tool for automotive locksmiths is the long-reach tool. Long-reach tools are designed to safely unlock a car door by either pressing the unlock button or manipulating the lock directly without causing any damage to the car. These tools come in various lengths and shapes, enabling locksmiths to access the internal locking mechanisms of different vehicle makes and models.

Key Cutting Machines

Key-cutting machines are essential equipment allowing locksmiths to cut keys precisely and quickly. In many emergencies, a locksmith may need to create a new key or duplicate an existing one. There are various key-cutting machines, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models, each with benefits and capabilities.

Broken Key Removal Kits

In addition to key extractors, a comprehensive broken key removal kit is vital for dealing with broken keys. These kits typically contain a variety of tools, such as key extractors, pliers, and probes, to help remove broken key fragments from various lock types.

Padlock Shims

Padlock shims are thin metal sheets designed to bypass the locking mechanism of padlocks without the need for picking or using a key. Locksmiths can slide the shim between the lock body and the shackle, allowing the padlock to be opened quickly during emergencies.


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Emergency locksmiths must be well-equipped with the right tools and equipment to efficiently handle lockout situations. This comprehensive list of essential tools ensures that a professional locksmith is always prepared to provide fast and effective service during emergencies. From lock picks and tension wrenches to key-cutting machines and automotive lockout tools, a skilled locksmith with the right equipment can tackle any challenge and guarantee the security of people and property.




Q. What type of training do locksmiths require to use emergency locksmith tools and equipment effectively? 

A. Skilled locksmiths undergo extensive training in various aspects of lock picking, key cutting, and lock repair before being certified to handle emergency services. Additionally, they undergo continuing education and hands-on training to keep their skills sharp and stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

 Q. Do all emergency locksmiths use the same tools, or does it vary by location or specialty? 

 A. While most emergency locksmiths use the same standard tools, there may be slight variations based on location or specialty. For example, automotive locksmiths may require specific tools, such as long-reach tools, air wedges, or Slim Jims, to open locked vehicles.

Q. Are emergency locksmiths licensed and insured? 

 A. Yes, emergency locksmiths are required to be licensed and insured to perform their services legally and to protect their clients against damages or losses that may occur due to negligence or faulty work.

 Q. How do emergency locksmiths handle requests for service after business hours or on holidays? 

A. Emergency locksmiths typically operate 24/7 and can be reached at any time for emergency services. Some locksmiths may charge higher fees for after-hours services or on holidays, so it is always best to check ahead of time.

Q. What is the most common emergency locksmith service requested? 

A. Lockout situations are the most common emergency locksmith service requested. This can occur when people accidentally lock themselves out of their homes, businesses, or vehicles or when keys are lost, broken, or stolen.

Q. Can emergency locksmiths create new keys for any type of lock or key?

A. Yes, emergency locksmiths are skilled at duplicating, replacing, or creating new keys for any type of lock or key, including high-security locks, safes, and standard home or business locks.

Q. Is it safe to hire an emergency locksmith seen advertising on social media or in a phone book? 

A. It is always best to do your research and verify the legitimacy and experience of the emergency locksmith before hiring them. Look for reputable locksmiths with good reviews and unbiased ratings, and avoid those who have negative feedback or no online presence.